Neglected Toddler Found Wandering City Streets with Family Dog by Her Side

Monday 11 June 2012

A Lincoln, Nebraska toddler is home safe after being found wandering the city's streets with her family dog at her side.

Donna DundonDonna Dundon: Kristin, my thoughts EXACTLY....leave the dog with the kid at least the kid had some form of protection.

Niamh CoadeNiamh Coade: please let there be a happier ending to this story, and if and there is please post it here. this cannot be the end of this.

Maria Wichmann HenriksenMaria Wichmann Henriksen: Do not like! How can they send the child back to those parents????

Niamh CoadeNiamh Coade: I know @[556910348:2048:Maria Wichmann Henriksen], the mind boggles!

Patricia Di GasbarroPatricia Di Gasbarro: Dogs are amazing animals, and have far better sense and intuition than many humans.

Gill HamGill Ham: If they can't look after their own kid I doubt they will claim the dog. So the dog will probably be killed if not adopted, and the kid won't have a single soul to protect her next time her parents neglect her. Talk about stupidity, Poor child and poor dog.

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Kim BordenKim Borden: omg, this is a shame for this dog and child.

Katie PorterKatie Porter: Why did the dog go to animal control?

Julie JenkinsJulie Jenkins: So they punish the dog by putting in danger of being euthanized, and put the kid back into a neglectful home, again? What the hell?

Annie JenkinsAnnie Jenkins: What!!!???!!! That dog was a better caregiver than those parents!!! What are the authorities thinking??? I hope someone adopted that dog FAST! That poor child has NO one to protect her, now. Sad!

Kathy HowellKathy Howell: exactly Kirstin

Mark HendricksMark Hendricks: This is so f'ed up on so many levels........The little girl and the dog need a new home together, and the "parents" need to to be sterilized so they cant produce anymore neglected children!

Julie GillespieJulie Gillespie: Yeah, that's messed up! Hopefully, when the so called parents call 911 to report their child missing or go to claim the dog, they will be arrested. This is just so wrong! Burns me up!

Lisa WhiteLisa White: These people will just go out and get a new puppy while this poor dog is killed after saving this child's life. The dog should be put into foster...not a shelter and the child put into foster not back into the same neglectful home.

Catherine RenziCatherine Renzi: Where is this? And yes he should be rescued a long with the poor child

Lisa WhiteLisa White: lincoln,Nebraska

Candis SchadeCandis Schade: This is so wrong. Why in the he11 would they put the dog in the pound? Whoever is handling this case needs to go back to school. The dog is the only thing keeping this child safe and you put the neglected child back in the home and take her protector away from her. Please this is NOT a no kill shelter, someone get that wonderful dog out of there.

Deb StillmanDeb Stillman: Are they serious?????? OMG, Soo wrong in every meaningful way.The parents need to be put in the damn pound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen Rusyniak ConnerKaren Rusyniak Conner: Why, why, why is the kid returned to the parents?

Divya SubramanianDivya Subramanian: This is wrong on so many levels - yeah, it might be good to remove the dog from a neglectful environment, but it is horrible to send the child back there. The real happy ending would have been for the child and the dog to stay together and get adopted by someone who really cares for them.

Teresa Minor ThornburghTeresa Minor Thornburgh: This is tragic. And why a MISDEMEANOR charge? Absurd! I'm heartbroken for the future this little girl has in store for her...

Rebekah KoznekRebekah Koznek: Good dog!

Teresa Minor ThornburghTeresa Minor Thornburgh: Yeah...but next time the little girl goes wandering, who is going to be there to keep an eye on her??? They put the dog in the shelter but sent the little girl home? This is just. so. wrong.

George LiverisGeorge Liveris: And the dog goes to animal control. Fucking nice.

Erin McMillanErin McMillan: So sad. Sounds like the dog and kid need to be taken out of the home and found a new loving home. Thank GOD she had her loyal dog with her. And as far as the dog being put down... I don't think it will. The dog already has showen people how loyal and great of a dog he is. People will see this & will want to adopt the dog.

Erin McMillanErin McMillan: Well technically they aren't allowed to give out info of animals...but some employees I've talked to before about certain animals and they've shared the info with me. I will do whatever it takes to find out what will happen to this dog. He has already proved just how wonderful he is..hopefully the shelter will see this and adopt him out.

Erin McMillanErin McMillan: Dog was re-claimed by owners?

Stu HirschfieldStu Hirschfield: I feel bad for the dog and the kid.The parents should be in jail and the kid and the dog should be adopted.

Bobbi HoffmanBobbi Hoffman: This is terrible. Shouldn't CPS be intervening for the child? Why would they take the dog to animal control and say that the parents could retrieve him themselves? It doesn't sound like they are charging the idiots with animal neglect. They returned the child but punished the dog. This loyal dog deserves better and so does the child.

Kristy Hubbard GroffKristy Hubbard Groff: That is SO messed up!

Erin McMillanErin McMillan: I am from Lincoln Nebraska where this happened. And I volunteer at the shelter where the dog was taken. You best believe I will be asking about this hero dog and make sure he is safe.

Erika BirkErika Birk: Please keep us updated, Erin!

Csh ThreenornsCsh Threenorns: PLEASE! if there's any way to get him to canada and nobody in the states will step up, i WILL take him myself!

Chris LangfeldChris Langfeld: erin, thank you for this...i feel so helpless living in another state, but i HOPE someone gives this hero-dog a WONDERFUL forever home. as for the parents...words don't exist for the contempt i feel for them. total slimeballs!

Erin McMillanErin McMillan: Csh Threenorns 402 441 4488 this is the number to the shelter. Hope it helps.

Donna DeFranciscoDonna DeFrancisco: yes, Erin please keep us updated; i'll drive from Florida to get that dog

Csh ThreenornsCsh Threenorns: Erin McMillan - is the dog still there? i only just saw your reply now (i've only just realized that when i respond to fb notifications on this topic, it just keeps giving me the very first one).

Sarah KelaitaSarah Kelaita: how is a f*** if you go out to bleed how to put in a good way to look at her because she can I can t shirt I don't think you're the dog and that poor kid is going on with 2 idiot dumb ass f****** crackhead parents

Amanda GoldsmithAmanda Goldsmith: Check this link out of this woman who gives her opinion on pitbulls... <3

Jim AndersonJim Anderson: keep the dog and kid together the dog does agood job looking after the kid. kick the parents in the fkn ass. what the fkn hell is wrong with them. r the the parents brain dead.

Gary SaganGary Sagan: Cant believe they took the dog to the humane society how retarded

Jennifer Cavaletti HenslerJennifer Cavaletti Hensler: I was excited to read this story until I learned the fate of the dog. Someone needs to save him like he did the child. Unbelievable that the child was returned. UGH.

Kim HeldKim Held: This is EXACTLY what is wrong with this world. POOR child AND POOR dog, TAKE THE "PARENTS" AWAY....idiots.

Kim HeldKim Held: Poor child lost the only one protecting her. :(

Magz KnightMagz Knight: I know everyone has said a similar thing, but how is it that the only stable thing in that child's life (by the sounds of it) is separated from her. Seems they are both being punished in different ways when actually the one thing that should happen is that they should be kept together! We know how healing dogs can be and I would say this blessed child is going to need some healing. Bless them both.

Nadi Wekili OvanessoffNadi Wekili Ovanessoff: I hope this loyal dog is not abandoned at the shelter, he deserves to be treated like a hero.

Christine RhoadsChristine Rhoads: I read the dog was reclaimed by the owners. Sadly - it sounds like the dog is the best chance the toddler has. I hope CPS will follow up with some "parent" training!

Pat Daly KennyPat Daly Kenny: This is just wrong on so many levels.

Susan Wohland GilleceSusan Wohland Gillece: So sad, both for the dog and the child. Sounds like the dog was a better parent than the human ones!

Karen Swasey MillerKaren Swasey Miller: the parents should have gone to the pound and let the dog and child go to a loving family!

Andrea TorchiereAndrea Torchiere: This is crazy. Please call the Lincoln, Nebraska police department to protest the treatment of this little girl and this dog and make sure it is not put down and that little girl isn't put into the same horrible situation without her protector! Un-flipping-believable: 402) 441-6000. (

Erika BirkErika Birk: What a horrible situation, and an even worse ending. The child is returned to her pathetic-excuse for parents and the dog is sent to the pound and an uncertain future? Hopefully, this loyal dog's story will inspire adoption, even if forcing the pair to be seperated is the only way to save them both.

Tami Payne -NestleroadTami Payne -Nestleroad: Wow put the dog away but let the parents go....hmmmmm!

Julie Morrison TullJulie Morrison Tull: That just brought tears to my eyes. Must be that time of the month! :)

Amy VachonAmy Vachon: So the dog is the only one in that situation who is keeping that child safe, and in return, it will be killed. NICE. Just makes me so damn proud to be a human.

Tim StalleyTim Stalley: "Beggs said if the parents wanted the dog back they would have to retrieve it themselves." Maybe they should to that with the child. Keep the kid and dog away from the parents!

Jennifer LevitanJennifer Levitan: How was the home not good enough for the dog, yet the little girl was placed back with her parents? Both the child and the dog should have been removed and "fostered" together. Sounds like the dog was the toddler's only real parent. Very sad for both child and her loyal companion :(

Diana BrittDiana Britt: Well, that sucks. They return the kid to a family that has a history of neglecting her and the dog, who is clearly the only family member she can rely on, is hauled off to jail. If they have such poor child protection services, I'm betting they aren't any better on animal placement.

Marina BaktisMarina Baktis: This is why ALL breeding needs to stop. Animals and people.

Diana BrittDiana Britt: I started a query on Lincoln's FB page, please comment there as well so they know we're all concerned about this dog, who's a hero, in my opinion.

Diana BrittDiana Britt: Nice! They removed my query...

David GainesDavid Gaines: They arrested the dog for trying to kidnap the child.

Simone NinaSimone Nina: anyone here live in lincoln to check to see if the parents picked up the dog or not. All of you are right but did the parents leave give the child the dog leash and tell her to go for a walk?

Andreina Gonzalez NortonAndreina Gonzalez Norton: You wouldn't believe how often this happens!! Maybe not wondering the streets, but I've heard so many stories of parents get distracted for a second and toddler runs out into the yard, another room, etc, and their dogs follow them to herd them back. A friend's dog almost got run over trying to protect a 2 yr old!! They are really the best friend you'll ever have. One of my puppies adopted my baby :-) he is not walking yet, but my Watson follows him everywhere and is very vigilant. My Abbie protects me when I'm pregnant. She wont leave my side. It's really cute!!

Simone NinaSimone Nina: truly there are out best friends till the end!

Charles TustisonCharles Tustison: Another stupid decision by those who "serve to protect".

Helen Stillwell ClarkHelen Stillwell Clark: WTF ,, why was the child returned to the parents after already being cited for neglect? And why was the dog put in doggy jail? the only people at fault here are 1, the parents for not watching their child , and 2 the authorities for returning the child to the parents. Poor child and doggy.Hope the dog is adopted before his time runs out at animal control. Prayers for both the child and the dog.

Dianne Folster RenickDianne Folster Renick: Animal Rescue Groups in Lincoln...GET THIS DOG INTO A SAFE FOSTER HOME! Child Services.....GET THIS POOR CHILD INTO A SAFE PLACE BEFORE SHE GETS HURT OR WORSE!

Ray SmithRay Smith: Geez the Police really are Jack Asses, they have taken this childs only form of protection from her, thrown the poor dog WHO by the way is guilty of nothing but loving this little girl in jail, that poor little girl must be going crazy at the loss of her only friend and PROTECTOR. hey cops give the dog back to her.

Beverlee LarssonBeverlee Larsson: For cryin out loud, why would this child be returned! The dog & the child deserve better!

Signe PetersenSigne Petersen: the child was "safely" returned to her parents who have repeatedly neglected her?

Martin GemmrigMartin Gemmrig: what a messed up society we live in now the dog was taken into protective custody but not the child????? I like dogs too but what is this???? sounds like the parents didn't even have a clue she was gone---wow

Jo Ann MortJo Ann Mort: They should have locked-up the parents & left the child with the dog w/a safe family member!


Janet Lynn WagnerJanet Lynn Wagner: OMFG - Poor child and her pet - failed by both the system and her parents! She's in God's hands now, I guess.Hoping and praying something awful does not happen to her the next time she wanders off!

Laurel BatterhamLaurel Batterham: Jeez - remove the dog and leave the child . . . what were they thinking??!!

Chicgayla-Anne KlausChicgayla-Anne Klaus: Awwww ;( so sad.

Denise BrayDenise Bray: I would gladly take the child and the dog! He is a hero for saving her life and should be treated as such!

Lynne ColeLynne Cole: Un-freakin-believable. Another reason to love animals so much. The authorities should take both the dog and child away.

Alexandra Tronetti BuckAlexandra Tronetti Buck: I'd keep asking the news team to do a follow-up finding the dog a good home. He certainly deserves it.

Sonja Leitzbach HermanSonja Leitzbach Herman: What a good puppy!!

Scout MasseyScout Massey: Leave the dog - take away the parents! It seems he is the caretaker!

Keisha StumpKeisha Stump: seriously? took the dog for neglect but left the kid after this being the second account of neglect? wow. and this is why I say the government and the law needs to be redone. that poor child was saved by the dog and now when the child gets out again it will be a worse outcome, I hope I am wrong. but the dog was keeping the child safe. now the child has no one.